choose to remember

Your Identity

Choose to remember  you have been made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26)

If the enemy can attack our identity then he has successfully brought us down. Our ability to attain all that God has in store for us is strongly linked in our knowledge of what we have already!

When we read in Genesis we see God had given Adam and Eve everything they needed to live a good, God ordained life. The devil come as questions that .. did God really say?

Today as we are faced with challenges, questions about who we are and our identity.. remember  you have been made in the likeness of God his masterpiece and God is well please in you!


Pause and Enjoy

Take the Next days to catch up on your reading. Reflect on the Lords goodness during the weekend. Pause, hear what new word God is speaking to you! Enjoy, take time to stand in awe at an amazing God

Happy Weekend, Much love.