Like Wildfire

Bold bible women

Oh, what great power God has placed upon us women. Power that transcends borders, moves from generation to generation. We are fertile ground, the birthing place for Humankind, the catalyst for change. We are created in the Image of God and celebrated everyway by the creator.

There is truly a blessing when a woman realises that her Yes! To defying norms is the beginning of a wildfire. From the old testament to the new testament, we see yes whispered and echoed by women creating the biggest impact.

We will study the courage of Esther to the selflessness of Ruth. We will encounter the willingness of and boldness of Mary.

Join us along with other women as we circle around the word of God to learn from women who took bold steps. Our desire is that you will be impacted to make an impact in your everyday circles.

We will study how the women’s Decisions, Consistency, connections, relationships, network, timing brought redemption and impact in their circles.

Join us in reading the bible by downloading the bible verses below :

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