choose to remember

God wants my love

Love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. – Deuteronomy 6:5

We can fall prey of wanting to believe that God wants the bare minimum from us. We can fear commitment, not wanting to give God our absolute best. In this generation God is still calling us to Love him, to serve him.

He is calling us to Love him with:

Our Heart – our emotions

Our Soul – our identity, our personality, our thoughts

Our Strength to love him with everything in our being.

To love and to serve God is to choose him above our priorities in the new testament when Jesus was asked which is the greatest commandment, he pointed to love the Lord God. Mt 22: 34- 40. He is not calling us to neglect our lives and to be bad stewards of the life he has given us but rather he is calling to prioritise him and in doing so we find alignment in everything else that we do.

Today I choose to remember to love the Lord with All my heart, soul, and strength. To Walk in his was ways and to serve him


Father God when other things are calling for my commitment and priorities may I remember you as the top priority.

choose to remember

God is not Man to lie

God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?
Numbers 23:19

I choose to remember God Is not a man to lie, he does what he says he will do so we can trust Him  

Humans Change their mind for various reasons, sometimes the joy of the decision wears off or we gain further information on the decision we initially made. We often also change our mind because our circumstance change – for example you promise I will buy you a present when this happens and that does not happen.

We also tend to lie because we want to escape punishment or gain favours or seem better than what we are

“I am the LORD, and I do not change. And so you, the descendants of Jacob, are not yet completely lost. – Malachi 3:6

But consider this, God does not need more information, he does not need favours, he controls situations and the conditions to make his promises come to pass. He does not need us to help Him, he is not caught by surprise.

Todays Prayer:

Father God I thank you, that you don’t change you remain the same. You are faithful and true to your word. I thank you that I can trust your promises nothing changes your mind you know it all

choose to remember

The Lord is Holy

I choose to remember the Lord is Holy. He has set me apart to be His

You shall be holy and belong only to me because I am the LORD, and I am holy. I have set you apart from the other nations so that you would belong to me alone – Leviticus 20:26

Our current culture has become so permissive that its unthinkable to even consider a holiness stance. As I think about this powerful attribute of God and his call for us to be set apart. I fear coming off as judgemental and perfect as miss goody two shoes. But God is not calling us to holiness in our own merit or capacity but in His. On a personal level I cannot achieve Gods standard but with the help of God I can be holy.

“Holiness” means distinctiveness or separateness God is calling us to be distinct in our speech In our behaviour because he is holy.

Romans says do not be confirmed to the patterns of this world but continually renew your mind, continually choose to be set apart. Holiness is not an outward reflection but a call to our hearts purity to reflect the image of God, this pursuit helps in how we handle our lives as Christians.

What is our standard of Holiness?

Be obedient to God, and do not allow your lives to be shaped by those desires you had when you were still ignorant. 15Instead, be holy in all that you do, just as God who called you is holy. 16The scripture says, “Be holy because I am holy.” – 1 Peter 4: 14-16

From this passage the bible sets out a clear standard of Holiness is the Lord and not our desires. Our heavenly father is perfect therefore as we emulate him with the help of the holy spirit our desires begin to shift, and we become holy as he is holy.

Our prayer today:

Father God Lead me, uphold me as I take a stance to be set apart for you. As I take a stance to renew my mind to focus totally on you and your call to holiness

choose to remember

The Lord Goes before me

I choose to remember that The Lord goes before me  and fights for me so I can be confident and undismayed. The Lord is mighty; He is my strength.

Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”
Exodus 14:13 -14

In England we have received an Announcement for a national lock down, this brings its own set of fear and worry. Today we make a decision to trust in God’s ability to find fight for us. We choose to remember His knowledge of the future.
Its hard to be unmoved but the God who has seen the future makes us stand firm.

choose to remember

Your Identity

Choose to remember  you have been made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26)

If the enemy can attack our identity then he has successfully brought us down. Our ability to attain all that God has in store for us is strongly linked in our knowledge of what we have already!

When we read in Genesis we see God had given Adam and Eve everything they needed to live a good, God ordained life. The devil come as questions that .. did God really say?

Today as we are faced with challenges, questions about who we are and our identity.. remember  you have been made in the likeness of God his masterpiece and God is well please in you!


Choose to Remember

A reflective Journey by Hannah N’guni

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There is no denying how life changing the year 2020 had been, certainly a year that will be remembered for so many reasons. In a moment of reflection, I got convicted that somewhere along the way I seemed to have overlooked the truth of God’s faithfulness. I had to repent. In time of crisis, it is easy to magnify the fear and chaos all around to the point God seems “less” able, loving, caring, mighty e.t.c. Not just in what we say but even in how we think or act, knowingly or unknowingly. But the truth is, He has not changed! In times of uncertainty, He remains certain. When we are faithless, He remains faithful (2 Timothy 2:13).

Can you relate to these lines in Fred Hammond’s song ‘Be magnified’?

 “I have made You too small in my eyes, oh Lord, forgive me

And I have believed in a lie, that You are unable to help me …

I have leaned on a wisdom of men, oh Lord, forgive me

And I have responded to them instead of Your light and Your mercy…”

An intentional shift in focus on to what is always true about God, what He expects of His children and what He has already made available to us, will position us to live the fulfilled life Jesus came to give (John 10:10) even in this season. We learn these truths all through the Bible. So, in this first quarter of 2021, let us shift the focus and choose to remember

As we venture into the new year with so many uncertainties; are we going to be in more lock down , should I get the vaccine, is it safe to go out. The Team at She is Authentic will dedicate the first quarter of 2021 to remember the goodness of God. We have chosen to intentionally set aside our time to draw closer to God and his word. Journey with us


God will provide

Mathew 6 admonishes us to not worry about our life, what we will eat, wear or drink.  can I hear a screaming What?!

We limit God when we fail to sacrifice our plans our dreams, our finances, or our possessions for his plans.

As I read this passage, I want it to mean something different because it seems irresponsible of me not to worry about anything. I feel like I am at the very least being very careless with my life. However, Jesus, asks a very valuable question – who through worrying has added value to their life?

I realise worrying can disguise itself as being proactive, meticulous when in fact its an element of limiting God. Because we are telling God am not sure you will be able to feed my family so I will relieve you of that and worry about it.

In Genesis 22, Abraham is given the heavy task of taking his only son up the mountain to sacrifice. There was possibility of Abraham giving God some options for sacrifice, maybe his livestock but not his only son. I realise it is in moments of great sacrifice God reveals himself to us as Yahweh Yireh the God who provides.

We limit God when we fail to sacrifice our plans our dreams, our finances, or our possessions for his plans. See the beauty of God, unlike what we have believed him to be is that his intention was not to kill Isaac but to reveal his provision. I am a firm believer that God is Good, His ways are perfect. In allowing his to direct us even in moments of great sacrifice we get to see that his character of love. God knew Isaac was his only son, he also promised nations to Isaac and he was not intending on changing his word. We need to come to a level where we are so convinced that God is leading us to a place of provision.

Do not limit God through disobedience, Believe his word and act quickly. The bible tells us that he arose early and saddled his donkey, hesitation and lack of proactivity is the breeding ground for disobedience. The more you rationalise the harder you will be able to move. The days I have been able to head out and jog are the days when I just did it, but when I had to think about it, I go myself discouraged.

Do not limit God through your word, Abraham Said – God will provide! What are you speaking regarding the ability and power of God over of your life?  Whether bills are piling up declare God will provide. It can be hard to believe God when your back is against the wall but speak the limitless power of God. He is the God who provides in the moment.

Always stay alert for the move of God – once Abraham was persuaded that God will provide as he begun to sacrifice Isaac God spoke. What If Abraham was occupied in his own thoughts, he would have missed the lamb caught up in the thicket.


Genesis 22
Mathew 6
Romans 10:11

In What ways am I doubting and limit God’s provision?
Am I willing to greatly sacrifice so I can experience God’s provision?


Pause and Enjoy

Take the Next days to catch up on your reading. Reflect on the Lords goodness during the weekend. Pause, hear what new word God is speaking to you! Enjoy, take time to stand in awe at an amazing God

Happy Weekend, Much love.


Victory !

I have come to discover that sometimes its easier to limit God, because its easier on our faith. We don’t need to trust much more pray more and we become content with what we have and desiring God to move in bigger things requires as to exercise our trust fully in him and that can sometimes be a scary place.

In 2 Kings 13 we see Jehoash king of Israel visiting Elisha and sudden the prophet was about to die. He cries the same cry Elisha made when Elijah was taken.

Elijah instructs him: Take the arrows,” and the king took them. Elisha told him, “Strike the ground.”  However, he stopped at three times, this made Elisha very angry.

As I was reading 2 kings 13, I realised they been under Aram for a period and perhaps they could not see the possibility of victory or maybe it would have taken more effort to shoot more than three times. Similarly, to what we say on day 4, Elisha did not give the king a number he told him to strike the ground!

I believe sometimes as children of God we have been promised victory, that we have authority to trample against snakes and scorpions but maybe its easier to take the back seat. What would God do if we boldly strike the ground if we believe that complete victory over sickness, over disease, over poverty and infirmity is ours. What are you able to achieve?

The enemy wants us to shy away from complete trust in God, when Elisha told Jehoash to Shoot in the East, he was telling him declare war on Aram. When he told him to strike, he instructed him to strike! God wants us to believe that we always triumph not sometimes but always, Jesus defeated the devil he has no power always. Therefore, strike the ground for you will utterly destroy them.

Women Arise and shoot! The bible says our weapons are not carnal but might through God for pulling down strongholds. Whatever is stealing your Joy take it to the limitless God until you see complete victory.  This is not the time to slack, let us Give the Devil no room!


2 Corinthians 2:14

Colossians 2:15

2 kings 13

2 Corinthians 10:4

What areas in my life have I slacked?

How have I limited God in My lack of persistence?


Don’t gather a few

There moments when you have your back against the wall, unsure of what to do. You find yourself moving from battle to battle overwhelmed, burdened carrying the whole world on your head.

She had just lost her husband as she was trying to get to terms with it the creditors came. The bible doesn’t tell us how long she had been a widow, whether she had recently buried her husband. All we know from what the bible tells is the creditors were coming and she ran to the prophet. This story feels like a parallel of Naomi except in hindsight Naomi didn’t run back to God until she was empty.

The widow explains her predicament and how her sibs would be taken away.  The prophet allows her to see the power of the limitless God and asks her what she has in her house. Her response is one of uncertainty I have nothing! Have you ever run to someone for help and the ask you what seem to be obvious questions? 

How can the prophet ask what she had? if she had something, she would not run to God She wouldn’t be desperate and distraught.

The prophet tells her go borrow vessels don’t gather just a few. I like how he didn’t give her a number, he allowed her to determine the few. How many is your few?

I am reminded of the moments when a friend has a pack of snacks and they tell you get some out of politeness you get one and the maybe they can ask you that are you sure? Or give you the go ahead to get more. And yes, this is the polite way of handling a limited pack of snacks you don’t get the whole thing that would be unpolite.

But when it comes to God, he has a limitless supply. His definition of few is unimaginable in our eyes. The widow borrows vessels, she fills them with oil. When she stopped the vessels stopped. Yes, we can’t limit God, but if our capacity to receive stops and we say there isn’t any more jars the oil stops flowing.

Reflection moment

2 Kings 4:1-3
Psalms 78:4

what cap have you placed on God?

Have you taken your time to run to God for help?

Thank you for participating in our 21 day journey to discovering the beauty of God. This is only the beginning of your journey as the attributes of God are inexhaustible. Please share the page, most importantly take time to read and meditate on the word. #IwillnotLimitGod


Mary Did you know?

As I sit here and ponder the faith of Mary, I realise how intense it can be to fully trust God against all odds.  In 2018, I told my parents I had found man that I plan on spending and building my life with. We told our family and friends the wedding was set the marriage formalities fulfilled. Imagine Amid all the planning and deciding, Say I received a call to accept something beyond my imagination. Like Mary a baby, what would people say – its never happened before and it was a very strange request

I can imagine how my soon to be husband would feel betrayed, considering how Joseph was feeling about this news. Furthermore the reasoning behind it sounded absurd to say the least. This was not a small task for Mary, her life depended on it. The explanation of what was happening would have in fact sounded unreasonable.

There are moments when God approaches us with big asks, where He requires you to go the extra mile to defy the norms and cultures of society.  Its in these moments where we are called to boldly accept the task and not limit God.

Mary Answered, “how can this be?” I study this question intently and it allows me to discover I can ask God for revelation in moments where I am uncertain and He will provide the response.

When God entrusts us with is purpose and call, He will also provide favour for the journey. When Nehemiah heard that the walls needed rebuilding, He prayed that God would grant him favour with the king.  

We see Mary yielding totally and wholeheartedly to the unknown, in Mary’s bold move we see God protecting and vindicating Mary.

Reflection Moment:

Luke 1:26-80

Ephesians 3:20

Romans 4:17

What Tasks has God called you take but fear of the unknown causes you to limit God?

What cost are you prepared to pay for God to reveal His Attributes?

Thank you for participating in our 21 day journey to discovering the beauty of God. This is only the beginning of your journey as the attributes of God are inexhaustible.  Please share the page, most importantly take time to read and meditate on the word.  #IwillnotLimitGod


Our race against time

I remember when I was in high school neatly writing down where I see myself at the various ages of my life, at all fronts I am an advocate of planning and setting goals. The problem comes in when we give God our plans, when we decide this is how I intend on running my life. We tell God – if you can just authorise the plans I have set out no surprises, and we will be okay.

During my periods of giving God my checklist and plans I found myself quickly tangled in a relationship that I was not supposed to have been in.  I found myself rushing God because I had a time scale of when I saw myself married. The pointers I prayed for in a husband that guy didn’t match them, but I figured that person would do because time was running out. I am grateful to God that he didn’t allow me to proceed with that relationship.

It’s crazy because sometimes we put these time constraints on ourselves or our environment or culture puts these pressures. I can see myself in Sarah, she was supposed to be a grandparent by now! Perhaps you can too, plans all set out but life is slowly drifting away.

From Sarah’s view point, Yahweh had provided them a list of promises and He was delaying. Fear encompassed Abraham he was aging; Eliezer would inherit his possessions.

Sarah quickly coins up a plan to help God, Genesis 16 ‘states Sarai had no children, but she had Hagar’ my translation states. Its interesting how she thought I have an alternative solution to this time delay. What have we decided as the alternative solution to our problem?

Her narrative is very damaging in that she believes the Lord had kept her from having children, so Hagar was the best alternative to solving Gods time lapse. We see a lot of blame in chapter 16 how Sarai tells Abram you are responsible for the wrong am suffering because Hagar starts to despise her. You see the thing about personal made plans vs a God’s plans is that we have finite knowledge and most times we can’t forsee how the reaction of other people or the fruit of our actions.

In Chapter 17 we see God return to reveal himself as the Almighty God ‘El-Shaddai’

He tells them walk before Him faithfully and be blameless. He goes further to change their names to mean Nations, multitude, fruitful.

 Despite this change of Name Sarah Laughs! But God reminds them ‘is anything too hard for the Lord, I will return to you at the appointed time next year!

Truly God keeps his covenant Sarah holds a baby in her Arms as the Lord promised

Reflection Moment

Genesis 17:16
Genesis 18:1-15
Luke 1:37
Ecclesiastes 3:11

How is my identity causing me to limit God?
How have I created alternative plans for God?
Have there been moments when I have prayed and quickly coined a plan apart from what I had pray for?
How have I used the concept of time to limit God?

Thank you for participating in our 21 day journey to discovering the beauty of God. This is only the beginning of your journey as the attributes of God are inexhaustible. Please share the page, most importantly take time to read and meditate on the word. #IwillnotLimitGod