When it comes to spending, I prefer putting my money on smaller purchases. It’s harder for me to spend huge sums of money on big products like fridges and Sofas. What makes it easy for me is the warranty that comes with the huge purchase. The manufacturer is saying, I believe my product is good enough for me to place a guarantee that if it doesn’t work, I will happily refund or replace it. 

As I read Deuteronomy 28, I can’t help but see obedience as a big purchase. It is such a big word that I feel if we are to say it in the streets people will assume you want to deny them of humanity. Granted there have been times in the past when this word has been abused. But God’s call to obedience is a call to freedom – He is so convinced about it that he has placed guarantees when we obey his word. God gives us two choices in chapter 30, He sets on the table life or death; He goes further to say our children shall be blessed if we choose life.

Now that’s Legacy building there. 

How do we ensure we secure our legacy?

Obey God – God confirms that if we obey Him, He will bless our food, our family, our businesses, read the whole chapter of Deuteronomy 28 it lists the benefits of obedience and the curses of disobedience.

Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding – we only know so much the one who created us knows our end from the beginning and that’s why he will make our paths straight. 

Walk the talk – in timothy we are told to be examples in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity. God says devote yourself to scripture. 

We live in uncertain times; the only sure and certain thing is the Word of God. Therefore, if we obey God, we can be confident in our continued legacy. Furthermore, because we don’t know what the future holds trusting in the Lord will provide a guarantee in tough times. 

I Pray that as you read the word of God, as you get to know Him that you will see as obeying God, trusting his word, and doing his will is God lovingly protecting you. That you see He beckons us to follow him so we don’t experience legacy building alone.

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