Building a Legacy

Legacy building is bigger than giving wealth to the next generation.

Mathew 5:16 tells us that our light should shine before men, in 2 Tim 1:5, Paul commends the sincere faith of Timothy because it was passed from the grandmother to his mother.  God is calling us to Shine now and to build for the future. We are implored to consider our ways so that the next generation will experience the goodness of God.

We are now in the Self-care generation; we want to be comfortable before we can consider others. I believe there is room for Self-care we must take care of ourselves however the worldly self-care trend is narcissistic. Jesus tells us to focus on the kingdom and everything else will follow. He admonishes us to humble ourselves if we must be great.

I am now living in the legacy that my mum intentionally and unknowingly left. I have the same responsibility to leave it for my children. I will go further to say I have to leave a legacy beyond my children. The decisions we make now; our health habits, relational and spiritual habits are shaping the future we will leave. So Legacy is now it’s the small decisions I am making now that will affect the future.

Our Goal for 2022 at She is Authentic is to live intentionally, to grow all around 360 degrees. on 12th February we are having a conference which will provide the necessary tools to usher you into legacy building.

It’s a free event, to attend register at

2 responses to “Building a Legacy”

  1. “Legacy is now, it’s the small decisions I am making now that will affect the future”. So powerful! Super excited for the conference.


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