Decisions, Decisions

By Lindi Amah

We are constantly making decisions, from mundane decisions to life altering decisions. Essentially every decision that we make has a significant impact on the life we choose to build even the ordinary decisions.

Ruth chapter 1 opens with Elimelech deciding to migrate from his place of birth in search of food. We see how this decision costs him his life, and the son’s life. Later in the verse Naomi decides to return with her daughter in laws but later decides against it.

Ruth makes the biggest decision to follow the mother-in-law to her homeland, choosing to forsake her desires for her mother-in-law.

I cannot imagine what must have been going through Naomi’s head really, she not only lost her husband but also lost her sons. She was at this point left with nothing, or so she thought.  She was prepared to be alone for the rest of her life because God dealt with her “bitterly”.

She was so focused on what happened not realising that she had a something that would be absolutely valuable.  Ruth the best thing to come out of Moab.

Ruth was an example of a friend in time of need (Prov 17:17)  the one who sticks closer than a brother ( Prov 18:24) . From Ruth people now have wedding vows. Ruth despite the hostility she would face in Bethlehem for being a Moabite  decided to risk her life for the sake of Naomi.

Ruth’s decision to ignore Naomi’s request to stay in Moab and to go to Israel , displayed courage   and persistence which I believe God saw and was impressed . The Bible says to do justice (Micah 6:8) and look after widows in their distress ( James 1:27)  , although Ruth was a widow herself ,  she knew that Naomi needed her and was willing to sacrifice her love life for the sake of her now Mother.

From Ruth, we see her yes whispered in her decision to cling to her mother-in-law; I dare say this is not an easy decision.

When you are making decisions remember to consult the Lord. The Psalmist reminds us the benefits of having the Lord as our shepherd.

God is determined to direct you and help you with your decisions if you allow Him. He is not pleased in seeing us return bitter from the decisions we have made but enjoys seeing us flourish in the places her has placed us.

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