God defends

By Belina Sithole

But Jerusalem will become a refuge for those who escape; it will be a holy place. And the people of Israel will come back to reclaim their inheritance.
Obadiah 1:17

The book of Obadiah tells us about God’s judgement against the nation of Edom, Edom is a family that descended from Esau, Jacob’s twin brother. The Israelites are a descended of Jacob. Genesis 25 – 27.

To provide you with a quick overview, Esau and Jacob had a long and tense sibling rivalry which started when they were still in their mother’s womb.

God had already chosen Jacob over Esau before they were even born. We also see how God defends Jacob against Esau If we look at Obadiah 1: 18

Jacob will be a fire and Joseph a flame; Esau will be stubble, and they will set him on fire and destroy him. There will be no survivors from Esau.” The Lord has spoken.

Why would God choose one brother over the other? Why would he choose the Israelites over Edom?

I am not able to comprehend how God works, but I understand that God works through people to show how amazing, powerful and loving he is.

God used his relationship with the Israelites to show that if you trust him, obey him and worship him only, he will protect, provide and defend his chosen people. We should ask ourselves as Christians, as God’s people is; is my life representative of a life of someone that has a relationship with God? When people see me, do they see a difference from someone who is not a Christian? 

Today I choose to remember that God chose me as his people and he defends and fights for me.

Prayer: Thank you God for choosing me as your favoured people and for working through me to bring light into the lives of those around me. Amen.

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