Times and seasons

By Walinasé- Mirriam

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

From this passage the writer highlights an important principal of life (and may I add personal finance in general). That is, life is in phases and it is our responsibility to adequately prepare for these different seasons.

Wisdom requires us to understand the season we are going through. Going back to the story of Joseph in Egypt, when Pharaoh had a dream about the fat and skinny cows, Joseph mentioned to Pharaoh this was a representation of the years ahead. That is, Egypt would experience Seven years of plenty and Seven of famine, in order for them to prepare for the famine they had to store away a fifth of the produce of land from the good times as a reserve for the bad times. Using a more current example, for most people 2020 has been a difficult year, however for some this year has been a less difficult year as they had saved some money in previous years – when life was good – in an emergency fund. If you have not been badly hit by corona, be wise and save your money – don’t spend it all. Put aside some money in an emergency fund for the future. Wisdom requires us to use the good times as a safety net for our bad times. However, if you are currently going through a tough time, we can take refuge in the scripture because we know good times is coming as life is in phases. If you are currently mourning, know that God is bringing periods of laughter to you.

Let’s pray: Dear God, I pray that you will help us to understand the time and seasons we are currently going through. Give us wisdom that we will know how to use both our time and finances wisely. Lord I pray that if anyone is going through a difficult time, comfort them and strengthen them. Lord even in the difficult times, help them to prepare for the good times that are coming. Amen

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