God will provide

Mathew 6 admonishes us to not worry about our life, what we will eat, wear or drink.  can I hear a screaming What?!

We limit God when we fail to sacrifice our plans our dreams, our finances, or our possessions for his plans.

As I read this passage, I want it to mean something different because it seems irresponsible of me not to worry about anything. I feel like I am at the very least being very careless with my life. However, Jesus, asks a very valuable question – who through worrying has added value to their life?

I realise worrying can disguise itself as being proactive, meticulous when in fact its an element of limiting God. Because we are telling God am not sure you will be able to feed my family so I will relieve you of that and worry about it.

In Genesis 22, Abraham is given the heavy task of taking his only son up the mountain to sacrifice. There was possibility of Abraham giving God some options for sacrifice, maybe his livestock but not his only son. I realise it is in moments of great sacrifice God reveals himself to us as Yahweh Yireh the God who provides.

We limit God when we fail to sacrifice our plans our dreams, our finances, or our possessions for his plans. See the beauty of God, unlike what we have believed him to be is that his intention was not to kill Isaac but to reveal his provision. I am a firm believer that God is Good, His ways are perfect. In allowing his to direct us even in moments of great sacrifice we get to see that his character of love. God knew Isaac was his only son, he also promised nations to Isaac and he was not intending on changing his word. We need to come to a level where we are so convinced that God is leading us to a place of provision.

Do not limit God through disobedience, Believe his word and act quickly. The bible tells us that he arose early and saddled his donkey, hesitation and lack of proactivity is the breeding ground for disobedience. The more you rationalise the harder you will be able to move. The days I have been able to head out and jog are the days when I just did it, but when I had to think about it, I go myself discouraged.

Do not limit God through your word, Abraham Said – God will provide! What are you speaking regarding the ability and power of God over of your life?  Whether bills are piling up declare God will provide. It can be hard to believe God when your back is against the wall but speak the limitless power of God. He is the God who provides in the moment.

Always stay alert for the move of God – once Abraham was persuaded that God will provide as he begun to sacrifice Isaac God spoke. What If Abraham was occupied in his own thoughts, he would have missed the lamb caught up in the thicket.


Genesis 22
Mathew 6
Romans 10:11

In What ways am I doubting and limit God’s provision?
Am I willing to greatly sacrifice so I can experience God’s provision?

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