Don’t gather a few

There moments when you have your back against the wall, unsure of what to do. You find yourself moving from battle to battle overwhelmed, burdened carrying the whole world on your head.

She had just lost her husband as she was trying to get to terms with it the creditors came. The bible doesn’t tell us how long she had been a widow, whether she had recently buried her husband. All we know from what the bible tells is the creditors were coming and she ran to the prophet. This story feels like a parallel of Naomi except in hindsight Naomi didn’t run back to God until she was empty.

The widow explains her predicament and how her sibs would be taken away.  The prophet allows her to see the power of the limitless God and asks her what she has in her house. Her response is one of uncertainty I have nothing! Have you ever run to someone for help and the ask you what seem to be obvious questions? 

How can the prophet ask what she had? if she had something, she would not run to God She wouldn’t be desperate and distraught.

The prophet tells her go borrow vessels don’t gather just a few. I like how he didn’t give her a number, he allowed her to determine the few. How many is your few?

I am reminded of the moments when a friend has a pack of snacks and they tell you get some out of politeness you get one and the maybe they can ask you that are you sure? Or give you the go ahead to get more. And yes, this is the polite way of handling a limited pack of snacks you don’t get the whole thing that would be unpolite.

But when it comes to God, he has a limitless supply. His definition of few is unimaginable in our eyes. The widow borrows vessels, she fills them with oil. When she stopped the vessels stopped. Yes, we can’t limit God, but if our capacity to receive stops and we say there isn’t any more jars the oil stops flowing.

Reflection moment

2 Kings 4:1-3
Psalms 78:4

what cap have you placed on God?

Have you taken your time to run to God for help?

Thank you for participating in our 21 day journey to discovering the beauty of God. This is only the beginning of your journey as the attributes of God are inexhaustible. Please share the page, most importantly take time to read and meditate on the word. #IwillnotLimitGod

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