Beauty Full Woman

By MayaThePoet

I believe it
I own it
I am it
Beauty- full- Woman

I stood in front of the mirror the other day, trying to fix my crown
It felt a little too big for my head, I said to the woman before me
“You always wear nice shoes, and carry the latest handbags.
Everyone seems to like you and you seem to like everyone.
You always walk with your shoulders high, oozing of confidence.
Your face is the production of a great make up artist,
Even though you never really claim to be one.

You never miss an event as long as it is labeled “Spirit-filled”. It is yours to attend.
You speak the word like it was written for you,
You breathe verses and scripture, men adore you- women want to be you.

But do they know you?

You say its too bland it needs saving,
Your face isn’t the only part of you you’ve made up.
Perfectly constructed, baked to the tilt
Your life.

You’ve used the right kind of foundation, not a shade lighter, or darker.

Perfect. Church girl, Breathe girl.

“you have the voice of an angel”, the brothers worship the ground you walk on.

“Take a look at me I’m a wonder, it doesn’t matter what you see now”

It doesn’t matter what they see now?

Is what they see, who you really are?

You have covered up your insecurities with the best concealer,

Left no blemish unwrapped, you wrapped the beauty of your originality

Your life, is a cover up.

But girl, Woman up.

“For if we say we are without sin, we deceive ourselves”

If we say we are without blemish we deceive ourselves.

So girl stop tripping,
Uncover your originality, breathe honesty
There is nothing wrong with your flaws, they are who you are
They scream survivor, they paint you victorious.

Shy away, close your ears to the noise that builds the hate in you

The voice that tears you apart, leaves your pieces out to be exposed

Then tells you, “You will never measure up”.

Stand Tall, Walk bold and ask, “To who?”.”

See we are so hell bent on being like that Famous actress,

when the world is waiting

For the manifestation of YOU.

YOU are a craft carefully created in love

YOU don’t need human validation of your worth

YOURs is a price untagged, unnumbered

The Creator designed your body and said it is good.

So whether black, white or brown woman

Wear your crown with pride

Drawn from the well of authenticity

laid out by those that walked before you

Yours is a representation of Strength

Yours is the true definition of

Beauty- Full- Woman.

Mayamiko Kachala is a Malawian Spoken Word Artist (Goes by Maya the Poet). She is currently a student of African Bible College. New to the scene, Maya brings to the stage an authentic and cultural blend. Maya started writing at the age of 15, by then she used writing as an escape and place of hiding, with the years, she discovered she had a gift of public speaking and could use writing as a tool to best express what she felt and most importantly, impart change.

  She is inspired by Artists such as Jackie Hill Perry, Janette and Malawian Artists like Q Malewezi, Marumbo Sichinga and Lilly Banda. Maya’s poetry centers around the love of culture and the neglected truths that she feels need to be voiced out more.

In her pieces like AFRICA and HOME, Maya tackles issues that are surrounding our day and age, the world and are hardly voiced out. Maya believes words are a weapon that go beyond years, written or voiced out.

9 responses to “Beauty Full Woman”

  1. Enjoyed this piece! Beautifully written Maya – Authentic indeed. God bless and best wishes in your studies 😊


  2. Wowwwww…. I can see myself as I read this piece. It takes down memory lane. Thank God those stones that were thrown at me have now become a stepping stone.


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