Stay alert! Tips on making your Home Quarantine Proof

By Pastor Prisca Omodiaogbe

For such a time as this, at the beginning of the quarantine, no one knew the extent of the quarantine, no one envisaged that the lock down was going to be for this length of time. Relationships and marriages are going to be affected especially those that are already having issues, as it said that familiarity brings contempt

There are few things I would suggest every Christian lady can do to foster bonding and unity of purpose. The very first thing is time  management , this can be achieved by the right allocation of time to events and programs in their order of priority. When this is done, efforts should be made to stick to the scheduled time.

Communication should be given great consideration because this fosters bonding, I mean couples should find time to discuss issues of mutual interest, it could be sports, fashion, people and places , politics, current affairs even business, whatever the topic of interest. It should be discussed with great passion, each person giving the other person the opportunity to express their own view. Ladies by nature are the chatty ones, we like to talk, talk and talk, that does not mean that we are talkative, it’s just our natural disposition, so if your partner does not want to talk as much , it does not mean that he doesn’t love you any more, it only means that he is the quiet type.

Great time for spiritual growth, set a  bible challenge, read Christian books from anointed and proven ministers of the gospel, create a strong family altar morning and evening, if you have  children, make a time table and get every one  taking turns to preach , pray and lead in praise and worship. This time of the pandemic is a time to build strong Christian values in the family.

This is also a time to explore the culinary prowess of your partner, explore recipes from all over the world, take turns to cook so that you do not get overwhelmed by house chores leading to grumbling and complaining. Remember ,before now , every one goes out to work, comes back and goes to bed, that is no longer the case , people stay at home from morning till night, now you get to see all the flaws, you  get to see that your children or even your spouse has not taken their bath, not brushed their teeth etc. ,this will  result to a lot of tension in the house, Romans 12:10 says Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honour giving preference to one another.

Do not allow strife to spring up in your home because this will open up the door way for confusion and every evil work of the enemy, James 3:16. As much as you can, maintain an atmosphere  of peace and love in the home through tolerance, speak gently to your spouse  not disrespectfully.

Lastly for the single ladies, this is a great time to invest in your future, study, look out for some free online courses which can enhance your C.V.  Study and meditate on the word of God for revelation and encounter with the Holy spirit, I pray this few word will help someone, thanks.

Pastor Prisca Omodiaogbe is a wife and a mother of five,

She is a preacher of the gospel who is very passionate about the family. She desires to see women passionately reach their God ordained goals in their homes.

3 responses to “Stay alert! Tips on making your Home Quarantine Proof”

  1. Thanks Pastor Prisca! very useful tips, yes so much can be done and learnt in this quarantine period. God bless you 😊


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